Trekking Holidays


Long ago, when the world was young, they roamed the Earth, your ancestors and ours. They trekked far and wide over mountain, desert, grassland and jungle, looking for food and shelter. They navigated by the sun and stars. They slept under the stars or inside the caves. They ate when hungry, rested when tired and for entertainment, they sang and danced around fire. We create the same magic now, when the world is racing for advancement and commercialization, breathing cocktail of carbon monoxide and suspended particles.

India offers an unlimited choice of treks in almost all regions, whether it’s a high altitude trek in the Great Himalayan range, or foothill treks in lesser Himalayas or Shivaliks or Aravalis. The Nilgiri and Western Ghat ranges also offer some interesting trekking options. You can trek for one day or one month; choose a grade suitable to you or choose an attraction, the choice is unlimited. The treks offer not only physical challenges but also varied landscapes, magnificent scenery and cultural encounters with the locals. You may choose to backpack with all your gear or you can stroll comfortably with just a shoulder bag, water bottle and a camera – an organised trek with us will leave you lots of time to enjoy the trek in totality while we take care of the complicated logistics.

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